Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why Podcast?

We are asking that many teachers begin integrating web 2.0 tools that often they have never heard of or conceived as being useful in education before. View the following Why Podcast link  and hear what an expert has to say on Podcasting. Once you have heard his comments please post your own. I recommend starting with the link Why Podcasting in Education that is located on the left of the page, once you have clicked on the link below.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Purpose of this Page

This blog is designed to be used as a resource page for technology integrations in the classroom. All teachers in Moss Point School District who attend any technology trainings in the upcoming months will be asked to create a blog and link it to this page. The blogs created should focus on any new and innovative ideas discovered throughout the various trainings attended, how they can be implemented into the curriculum, and how it will enhance student engagement. Several of us will even attend the same trainings, and it will be interesting to see how the views of the trainings will vary from perspective to perspective. I am personally very excited about the upcoming trainings. I can't wait to see the growth and development that will come out of the various sessions attended. Unfortunately not everyone in the district can attend and derive the same benefits, however this blog will serve as a resource for those educators who could not be present. I think a good way to start this would be to have all of the educators who create links on this page to begin by blogging about where they are in technology integrations at this point. How many integrations have been completed this year, what integrations might you be interested in pursuing, and you overall expectations for the trainins you plan to attend. Happy blogging.